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Looking Out My Back Door, Autumn Causey

Atmosphere, Dr Chad Thompson

Trusty Little Combine, Sonya Branda

The Cabin, Darla Peterson

Ebenezer Church, Shelli Causey

Blooming with Hope, Claudia Leeds

Model A, Carol Wakefield

Kansas Sunset, Roberta Fox

Farmall 460, Shelli and Michael Causey

Michael George Causey, Gift

Peaceful Farm, Roberta Fox

Skittles, Shelli and Michael Causey, Gift

On The Horizon, Chris Bender

The Blood Of Christ Over New Life, Katy Tilton

Rikkie, Katie Kujath-Nicholson and Kirstin Kujath


Animal Cracker Ornament, Darla Peterson

Beautiful Pheasant, Laura Frazer and Kimberly Hatch-Brancatelli

Sunset on the Water, Dr Chad Thompson

Rainy KS Landscape, Dr Chad Thompson

Can I Help You?, Elaine Mann

Fallen 2, Dr Chad Thompson

The Place You Want to Be, Shelli Causey

Blooming Birds of Paradise, Jim Malone

In Memory of Frank Prost, Courtney Weis

Overgrown farmstead


Still Life #1-#4, Elaine Mann

Candle Amidst Holly and Ornaments, Kathy Slipke

Carmine Bee Eaters, Kathy Slipke

Fall Equinox, Shelli Causey

Where the Wild Things Grow, Stephanie Watson

Sequestered, Donated 

Snow Bird, Dr Kurt Olson, won

October Warmth, Dr Chad Thompson


Leaving, Dr Chad Thompson

Rufus Hummingbird, Unknown

Organic Abstract, Joyce Benedick

Winter Quite, Connie Kopsa

Winter Stillness, Shelli Causey

Bluebird Sitting Pretty, Shelli Causey

Tulips, Claudia Leeds

3 Peppers, Susann Bethge


Blooming Bromeilad, Dr Chad Thompson

Fox Family Farm, Roberta Fox

Arc De Tripomphe, Seth Golding

Owl, Stephanie Thompson

Reaching, Unknown


Fallen, Diane Albrant


Horse, Stephanie Thompson


Tuileries Garden in Paris, Ana Tolento

Sunflower, Tammie Sinn

Flowers Too, Barbara Lee



Beloit Holiday Fair, KS

R.O.A.R. Art Show, Russel KS

Millapalooza, Beloit KS

Uncorked Inspirations, Manhattan KS

Mammoth Music and Art Festival, Mankato KS

Art in the Park, Lawrence KS

Solomon Valley Bank Art Display, Beloit


R.O.A.R. Art Show, Russel KS 

Beloit Holiday Fair, KS


Solomon Valley Bank Art Display, Beloit

Beloit Holiday Fair, KS


Bachelor of Fine Arts Show, KSU



Varsity Donut , Manhattan KS



Commerce Bank Show, Manhattan KS 

Champan KS Art Show 

Weathering Heights, 2019, hot air balloons
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