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In the Heart of Kansas

Kansas Native and wouldn't have it any other way. The landscape is a major influence on my art. Nature as my subject opens many possibilities for the feeling elicited. I can bring to life the wakefulness of a morning sunrise or the soothing peaceful quiet of a colorful sunset. Regionalist art has also played a big factor into my style of painting. I paint directly from places I have been and where I live. Creating a storybook of my life. 

I feel a deep connection to the subject when it is a familiar place. Like the road I drive to work or the lake where my family goes fishing. My method starts with capturing an image via a photograph then transposing this imagery onto my canvas. With acrylics I paint moving from back to front. I stop when my painting creates the same feelings I had the moment I originally captured the image.

water flowing in a creek

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What people are saying:

“These ornaments are beautiful! Great quality and the attention to detail on each one I purchased was amazing. These made wonderful Christmas gifts for my loved ones and all of them were excited to add the ornaments to their Christmas trees!”
     Abbey S.

I truly love waking up to seeing her painting each morning. The bright and cheerful colors are captivating. So happy with my purchase. A great work of art! 
     Shelli C.

Sometimes people are extremely difficult to buy for. They have everything you can think of. Then I had a thought how amazing would it be to give them a gift that they would love. A gift that celebrates a lifetime together full of memories on the family farm. The painting had the most minute detail clear down to the small garden flag. The painting is identical to the picture and it brings the photo to life. It will be a treasured gift for many years to come.

     Roberta S.

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