About The Artist (Alicia Susan Weis)

Alicia grew up in the small town of Leonardville, KS. After graduating Riley County High School she attended Kansas State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2012. Alicia has lived in Beloit, KS since 2013. Her mediums of choice are acrylics and watercolors. Nature is a major inspiration for Alicia’s work. Her intent is to capture how beautiful, peaceful and powerful the outdoors can be. Her color pallets compliment the subject while keeping the colors vibrant and warm. Her paintings subjects come directly from her daily life. As an artists she is infatuated with the beauty of the sky and many paintings portray sunrises and sunsets. Her art is very pleasing and idyllic to view. 


Alicia has been displaying art since 2013 in various businesses in Beloit. Businesses such as The EyeCare Center, Solomon Valley Bank, Wheat Fields Floral and the Beloit Art Center's gallery window. Her work has been displayed in multiple art shows and galleries since 2010. Alicia is constantly trying to challenge and push her artistic talents to new levels.

About My Work

I am a Kansas Native and this is a major influence on my art. The mid-western landscape is extremely important in its fabrication. Nature as my subject opens many possibilities for the feeling elicited. I can bring to life the wakefulness of a morning sunrise or the soothing peaceful quiet of a colorful sunset. Regionalist art has also played a big factor into my style of painting. I paint directly from places I have been and where I live. Creating a storybook of my life. I feel a deep connection to the subject when it is a familiar place. Like the road I drive to work or the lake where my family goes fishing. My method starts with capturing an image via a photograph then transposing this imagery onto my canvas. With acrylics I paint moving from back to front. I stop when my painting creates the same feelings I had the moment I originally captured the image.

I designed this website because I wanted to share my passion and completed works in an online pathway. All of my paintings are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a piece  you may contact me via facebook, just click on the icon, or go to my contacts page and you can get further contact info there.

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